About JVL Corp

Adding pride and distinction to your homes and businesses

Hi, Im Joe Vander Laan, I would love to help you start planning and designing your new home today! 

Since the inception of our business in 1988, JVL Corp has been involved in many large and small projects throughout the Iowa Great Lakes. Our business approach is simple. We treat our clients fairly, and appreciate all of our projects, no matter the size. The most important thing is your happiness and satisfaction.

JVL Corp. now offers affordable, quality housing without the hassles. Our turn-key approach allows you to design your home to your specific wants and needs, and fulfills your dreams with a newly constructed and completed home. We appreciate working with the excitement of the building process, from conception to completion. Our staff can help you make decisions on how to design a home to fit your building site within your budget.

Please call or email today for a no-obligation consultation. Let us help you make your dreams a reality.

Joe 2!